Yeasuvae En Swaasamae


Published on June 28, 2014

Enjoy listening to this beautiful song and please show us your support by sharing this video in your wall and to your facebook friend.Thank you… Video Credits Cast (in order of appearance): Jeswin Samuel Jeremy Thiessen John Timothy Baskaran Savarimuthu Isabel Baskaran Jakin Tan Jordan “Ross the Boss” Turvey Helen Cobbald Chloe Swindell Rachel Evans Chris Dawes Jesse Tan Tegan Lloyd Williams Producer & Script: Anne Soh Directors: Jeswin Samuel & Anne Soh Cameras: Christina Andersen & Catrin Weitzel Video editing: Jeswin Samuel Set design: Julia Liles Make up: Rachel Spencer & Sandy Freeks Film location: All Nations Christian College & Easneye Woods in Hertfordshire, UK Many thanks for the prayers and support of: Staff and students of All Nations Christian College, UK Members of Springs Christian Fellowship, Ware, UK

Genre: Contemporary

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