Ummai Pola Yarundu


Published on June 26, 2015

Lyrics Tune & Sung By : Benny Joshua
Keyboards & Arrangements : Isaac.D
Guitars : Keba Jeremiah
Editing : Praveen Antony
Cinematography : Vinoth.G | Ravi Kumar | Madan Thapa | Praveen Antony
Sincere Thanks to : John Praveen | Joshua Ebenezer | Dr.Rosy Bhaskaran & Family | Bro.Francis & Family | Jenish Raj | Madan Thapa | Bro.Sundar & Familly | Master Santhosh.

Dear Friends this song is a true testimony of what has happened in my childhood and how God brought me out and gave me a brand new start. This song personally is a blessing to me as well. I had an opportunity to minister in Maldives and we tried shooting few random shots and amazingly few came out in a good shape, So we thought of producing this song as a Music Video. Hope this song will be a blessing to you !!! Do share it with your friends. God Bless.

Genre: Contemporary

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