Published on August 5, 2018

Lyrics, Tune & Sung : Ps.Benny Joshua Featuring : Angelyn Sakthi
Music arranged & Produced by Isaac.D @ Room19 Studios
Flute : Jotham
Mixed and Mastered : David Selvam @ Berachah Studios.
Editing : Pradeep Singh
Camera : Shankar & Pradeep Singh
Video : Jifran Media an Eagle7 Media Production – ©


It was a church in Chennai, where I preached a year ago, I heard Angelyn Sakthi singing and praising God with all her heart. And when she just turned back, I was broken to see her to be a blind little girl by birth, worshipping God joyfully, not worrying about anything. It was that moment, God gave me an inspiration to write a new song, sing along with her and use her talent for His Glory. Praise be to God alone! – Benny Joshua

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