Neer Mathram Poodum


Published on December 31, 2016

Classic Hymns presents a special single song video “Neer Mathrum Poodum” in Tamil The theme of the video depicts that a person from every walk of life from dawn ( rising of the sun) to dusk ( the going down..) can say “ Neer Matrum Poodum”. Sung by 9 celebrity Christian artists ( Hema John, Kalpana Raghavendra, Kirubavathi Daniel, Maxyn Kingston, Meghala Ratniaya, Ramya NSK, M.K Paul, Pastor Sam P Chelladurai and Dr Rev Sreejit Abraham). The recording commenced in late 2013 and was released in Oct 2016. It features many accomplished musicians and a 20 member choir has done the choral backing. The Music is composed by Chitty Prakash Dhyriam and Choral arrangement by Augustine Paul. For more details of Classic Hymns see web site

Genre: Traditional

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