Kaariyathai Vaaikapannum Dhevan


Published on December 29, 2018

A promise song which has a strong declaration over the New Year 2019. Shaw-Bakh’ is a style of worship in Hebrew in which they declare and command loudly. Let us declare loudly with the promises that we claim with faith even as we sing this song. Your blessings will leap over the obstacles and reach you this year according to Isaiah 45:14. Your enemies can’t hold your blessings anymore. Let us declare this year as an year of Grace and Greater Glory. Lyrics, tune composed & sung | Pas. John Jebaraj Music Production | Derrick Paul Mixed & Mastered | Isaac D Executive Producer | Reema Shirline Jebaraj Guitars | Keba Jeremiah Rhythm | Arjun Vasanthan Recorded @ Berachah Studios Lyric Video | Chandilyan Ezra Photos | RJ Photography LEVI MINISTRIES. All rights reserved.

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