Ennai Maravaa Yesu Naathaa


Published on August 4, 2014

The History behind the song Sister Sarah Navaroji wrote this song. In her prime Youth, in the year 1960, Sarah Navaroji entered the Lord’s Ministry. She was barely 21, when she was chosen for a mission work in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). For this she had to set sail from Dhanushkodi. To reach the coastal town of Dhanushkodi, Sarah had to take a train from Egmore. After boarding the train, she eagerly waited for her mother to arrive to send her off (her father had passed away when she was 10). But minutes ticked by and there was no sign of her mother coming to the railway station. This poignant occasion inspired her to write the beautiful Tamil song while she was sitting inside the train with lot of anxieties. “Ennai Maravaa Yesu Naathaa” which spotlights the Lord’s unfailing love even though a mother might forget her child. All-time favorites such as `Thothiram Paadiyae’, `Thirupatham Nambi Vandaen’ and `Unnathamanavarin’ are often heard on various occasions but many may not know that these are Sarah’s works – they are among her many evergreen Tamil christian hits Adapted from.

Genre: Traditional

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