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John Jebaraj

I found grace in the eyes of the Lord that He chose me for His Ministry, though builders had reasons enough to cast me aside. Born to a muslim mother and
Christian father, it is His amazing grace that He chose me. I found His love and salvation at the age of 17 and there I offered my Life to Him. Turmoils and waves of this wicked world could not engulf me from the saving Love of our dear Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrective power took the sting of sin away from me. His anointing planted in me the zeal to love and serve the Lord. The failures which the world painted me with made everyone to believe that I would be written off and that I could never
rise up. But God, as usual, had other plans much to the marvel of others and me. today my life testifies the abounding love and endless mercies of God our Father. Friends, God calls Life where there is no hope and lifts us high to fly, where even crawling is difficult. The Lord has done this. Amen.


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