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The Bible says in John 15 verse 16 “You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit……..”.According to the above verse, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ saved me in the year 1989. I was born in an orthodox brahmin family to Viswanathan and Rathna belonging to Palghat, Kerala. My forefathers were Bhagavathars ( exponents in South Indian Classical Music) and this was passed on to our family. My mother taught Classical Music too. I and my younger sister Shobhana gave classical music concerts in various Hindu marriages and festivals. Due to a hereditary eye defect, my father started losing his vision gradually and being the eldest in the family, I had to take over the burden from my mother and run the family. I completed my Higher Secondary education and started my career as a “Lady Confidential Secretary” to the Chief Financial Controller of Welcomgroup Park Sheraton in Chennai when I was just 18. Apart from financial problems, there was no peace of mind or oneness between my parents. My heart was looking out for something that could give me joy and peace. In fact my father had left our family for over 3 years, and it was unbearable seeing my mother struggle looking after the two of us with none to help. At this juncture, I started singing secular songs (Film songs) in Light Music Orchestras to support my family. I had the opportunity to sing for various Film personalities like K J Yesudas, Malaysia Vasudevan, Mano, Gangai Amaran and also sang in Star nites with actors & actresses in Chennai and in many countries around the world. Although, I began improving financially as a singer who was in great demand, I lacked peace and joy in the family and also personally., I had two wonderful friends Mary and Kalpana at Park Sheraton who after hearing my family issues, spoke to me about the salvation, joy and peace that only Jesus Christ gives. Initially, it was difficult to believe because I thought Jesus Christ was a God for Christians alone but gradually, I started knowing more about the love of Jesus, His Word and the Miracles that HE does when you believe in Him

I had never thought of getting married or leading a family life. I wanted to remain a spinster but God had different plans for me. My husband John Prakash was a drummer in the same group where I used to sing. He was a good friend who knew what my family was going through and one day, he expressed his desire to marry me but at that time, I was unable to decide what to do because my plan was not to get married at all. I shared this with my friends and they started praying for me and told me that if it was God’s Will He would do everything for me and on 16 October 1989 they took me to Jesus Calls Prayer Tower at Greenways Road, Chennai. When Bro. Rajan John who was a Prayer Warrior then, prayed over me, the Lord spoke through him saying 1) I have chosen you from your family for my Ministry 2) Your singing for this world is temporary but there will be days when you will go around the globe singing only for My Glory 3) When you surrender your life and accept me as your Saviour, I will do everything for you and your family 4) A new door is being opened for you which no one can shut and it is Me, your Lord who has chosen your husband to be your life partner 5) I will use you as My mouth piece and use you as a blessing to many. At the end of the prayer, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Tremendous joy and unexplainable peace filled my heart .

I told all that happened to me at the Prayer Tower to my parents, and as how it happens in any Brahmin family I faced difficulty convincing them for my baptism, marriage, singing gospel songs and discontinue secular singing.But with God’s help in due course, my parents finally accepted. God brought that peace and joy amidst my parents which I had been asking Him. He then started using me in His Ministry. My first Ministry was a 5 minute testimony at Gemini Cathedral Church in December 1989, arranged by my friend Kalpana. My first song was a Hindi song for Jesus Calls “Himmath Naa Haarna”,for a Good Friday programme at Doordharshan. After that, God used me in various churches and audio cassettes to sing for His Glory. In 1990, we got married and God has blessed us with two girls, Sharon Sujatha,19 and Sneha Deborah, 13. In 1992, I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and since then it has not been my voice but the anointing of the Spirit that is consoling and reaching souls. All Glory be to God.

Acts 16 verse 31 says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved and thy house”. My sister Shobhana Prakash was saved in the year 1995 and now she is an anointed Servant of God, a worship leader at King of Glory Church, Singapore glorifying the Lord with her singing. My father accepted Christ and confessed his faith in the Lord a few hours before he passed away at KG Hospital, Coimbatore-India. In 2007, my mother accepted the Lord and today she is a true Christian and a living testimony. My heart is filled with gratitude for the ways in which the Lord has touched my family.

For the past 21 years, God has been using me to bring Glory to His Name through my songs and testimony. My husband and children have also been blessed with talents through which we glorify God in various churches and crusades. I praise and thank God for making me a testimony and sustaining my family in Him all these years.

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless each and everyone of you who have read this testimony and perform mightier miracles in your lives too.


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