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G.D. Godson

I had stammered speech in my childhood and many times, I was bullied by people hence I confined myself, but my passion was upon God and Music. Those days, I did not own a keyboard for myself because of my family circumstances, but I practised music using a broken harmonium. God did see my zeal and healed my speech problem and blessed me with 200 + songs till now.

It is always my heart’s burning desire to make songs for the Glory of the Lord. God has graciously given me wonderful talent of composing songs. Its my desire to use my talent to bless His people and build hope of Christ in the life of listeners. I have managed to produce ‘Kaalam Sameebamae’ in 2001, Nesarae 1 in 2004, Nesarae 2 in 2006, Shekinah in 2012 but failed to do good marketing and distribution. After some struggle in making albums now after 15 years by His Grace, I am able to produce this wonderful album called ‘Neerae En Nambikkai.Each song in this album is given by the Lord at different life experience.NEN album really gave me a huge breakthrough and still getting several positive feedback. I just wanted to build some one’s hope in Christ through my musical talent. I hope you will enjoy these anointed songs and the extraordinary music directed by Bro.Stephen J Renswick.

God has lifted me from nowhere to here. I was a person who did not even have fluency, but He turned my trouble into a testimony. I was hopeless and rejected by many, but when Jesus came into my life in the year 2004, I started being a blessing for many. I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand along with my wife Diana Godson and my cute little daughter Rhema Godson.

It really matters in whom you put your trust. I made a right decision to trust upon the Lord and today, I encourage you my friend put your trust only upon the lord. The God who did miracles in my life is able to do wonders for you – Trust in Him.

Listen to the songs and be blessed. I pray that Jesus will minister to you through this album.

“But now, Lord, what do I look for ? My hope is in you” – Psalm 39:7


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